feeling like talking, so another entry

Yes, I know, I should’ve just kept typing in the other entry, but ran out of ideas at that time. But here I am again. Gosh, its been over a year since I’ve been at this blog. I have a livejournal page, full of rantings and thoughts, which I used a lot while on the mac. But now that I’m back at Klango, I’ll be using this instead. I’m not sure how many people are still on Klango. It certainly still has its uses, although it still needs updating, LOL. Ah, if only Klango had been continued, especially the web site. I really miss the Ivona voices as well. But its fine, because I have other voices I can use. That’s another thing I’ve missed about Windows. All the voices we have. There are many on the mac, but even more on Windows.

Gosh, its been a while.

Hi all. Yes, I know, its been quite a while since I’ve last posted. That’s because the website version on klango doesn’t allow the edditing of blogs. I’m 19 now, have a mac desktop and a windows laptop, an iPod, and a braille plus the school is letting me borrow. A lot of things has happened since the good old days. Time flies by for me, espeicially on the weekends, and I’ve began experimenting with meditation and brainwave entrainment and things like that. No, it doesn’t have quite the life-changing effects people say it does, but it makes me feel good for a while. Then that while is broken by some idiotic and ignorant staff member at school calling my name in the most annoying fassion possible. I’ll probably be on here more often nowadays, since I’ve a renewed love of Windows.


OK, just seeing if the blogs work again or not.

updates to school and other things

Well, at my school, we’ve started iPad classes. We blind people will be getting iPods though, but I don’t really mind, cause we’ll have a braille display too. Also, I’ve gone on my first date. Her name is Shelby, and she’s on my contacts list, although you probably won’t see her on the forums and stuff much, she’s on Klango though. Anyways, the date was simply amazing, but now I almost always have her on my mind, the only time I don’t, and its hard not to then, is when I am at school, LOL. Anyways, we have wifi in the student center, so I sometimes bring my iPod out there and iMessage her.

Probably the best poem I’ve ever made

The Holocaust
by Devin Prater

Oh the millions,
Those poor civilians,
That died because of a man,
An insane one, a madman.
Oh the torture that was dealt,
So that he showed the madness he felt.
When will the killings end?
Why do you destroy people whose lives they can’t defend?
Oh so many screams did come forth,
From the East, SOUTH, West and North.
Oh such horrid people you are,
To murder, gas, burn and char,
So many people who did nothing to you,
And with you had nothing to do.
You killed them in such horrific ways,
That even the gladiators would cringe away.
And why commit such horrible crimes?
You got no dollars, quarters or dimes.
But God would not let this continue,
He would some day persecute you!
But some of you came to the light,
You decided to fight the good fight.
Did you do it from your soul?
Or did you just figure Hitler wouldn’t reach his goal.
But back to the evil ones,
The ones that didn’t save a life once!
Did you do all that from fear?
Did you believe Hitler would hear,
If you ever saved one man?
We know you could have, we know you can.
But you didn’t, you had no care,
You killed, and you didn’t wonder where,
Those poor people were raised up,
Or if they had family or even a pup.
You were mindless machines,
Built lean and mean.
Well you surely met his demand,
This leader of Deutschland.
Are you happy about what you’ve done?
Do you enjoy killing everyone?
Or has all that killing,
Washed away all feeling?
And the Jews did nothing to you!
But that race you thought you could subdue.
And you did all this for your master?
You caused your country to be a disaster!
Sometime from now the world will hate your land,
From many borders your people will be banned.
And its all because of you and your lord,
You lived and died by the sword!
But not even the Russians committed such acts,
As you have, you Nazi brats!
But I suppose you were always uncivilized brutes,
Even back to your Prussian roots.
But I know not all of you are brutal,
Most Germans are quite usual.
But because of you these peoples,
The folks that look up at the church’s steeples,
Are hated and feared across the land,
And governments are asked to kill them with demand.
And do tell how much blood was spilled,
When the leaders of the nations took over were killed?
Did you enjoy killing all of the Jews there,
In France, Norway, Poland, Holland, and almost everywhere?
Were you not happy with the people already dead?
Did you have to charge ahead?
Well, you almost made it come true,
To take the world, have it ruled by you.
To rule all and everything,
But nothing lasts forever, don’t you think?
Did you ever think you could be crushed,
Your army dead and your ruler hushed?
Did you try not to ponder it,
To evade until the bombs hit?
Well I’m sure you felt superior to us,
When you read Mein Kamf, that cursed book that was,
The driving force of you and your ruler,
You probably protected it like a jewel is by the jeweler.
But tell us, did it protect you against our bomb and gun?
Did you pray to the ruling one?
Or did you just fight without thought,
Not caring about the consequences you’ve wrought?
Have you ever wondered how your king had died?
We bet you’ve never considered suicide.
Also, how do you feel knowing that some of your men left ya,
Coming to our lovely America?
Hurts, doesn’t it,
It probably hurts quite a bit,
Knowing that some of your people would mutiny,
Working in an American city.
But they did, and they’ve managed to change,
Going from evil to good on the behavioral range.
And we’re sure they won’t change their new ways,
We’ve had no trouble from them anyways.
They’ve admitted their crimes,
And are serving their times.
But you, you sickening brutes,
All from Prussian roots,
You will get nothing but what you deserve,
No ease, no happiness, no reserve.
Your king is dead,
Along with the madness in his head.
And so you shall die with him,
And may the Lord condemn,
Your wicked souls which taint the air,
And make it unable to bare.
Germany has been restored to democracy,
And that you will not have a chance to see.
And the land you took has been returned,
The land with which you were concerned.
But the dead still cry out for your demise,
They want to see you with their own deathly eyes.
They scream a vengeful sound,
Until their killers are found!
And we really want you gone,
We’ll give you till dawn,
To surrender and admit,
Everything, all of it!
You must tell us what you did all those days,
And to God you must praise.
But if you do not come clean,
You will be killed by the same machine,
You used to kill so many innocents,
Who had no self-defense.
But as time goes on we saw,
That you only raised a defiant paw.
So we gave you one more chance,
But you took a fighting stance.
We brought our guns out,
And killed you all, without a doubt.
So as father Time grows older,
The Holocaust is over.

my school has been updated!

Well everyone, I’m happy to report that my school, the Alabama school for the Blind, has started to really modernize! First of all, and the best, to me anyways, we have new computers in a few of the classrooms, and I’m sure we’ll get more. They are Windows 7 computers, and my goodness, NVDA starts in like less than a second! I believe they have like 8 gigs of RAM. Secondly, they’re starting to give us better food, for example, a few weeks ago, we had a breakfast pizza, which is like sausage and cheese and stuff on a pizza crust. It was quite good.
So, I really hope the school keeps modernizing, and I really hope they continue to get the money to continue modernizing. I never thought I’d say this, but I am starting to like the school a little. Sure, they don’t have wifi yet, but when I get a protective casing for my phone, I won’t need wifi. My Android phone has a free accessible web-browser, E-mail client, and IM program, so I’m satisfied.


Well everyone, today, I got the thing I’ve always wanted, the thin that’ll give me my freedom from the school. I got the samsung stratosphere. Its just amazing. I have talkback and spiel installed. I will not install the stupid mobile accessibility, because its just too much money, and I will not support anyone who wants us to pay for accessibility. Anyways, I now have an app that can do anything siri on the iPhone can. So yay! Merry late Christmas!

braille VS audio

Well, everyone, I was just thinking about things, and remembered a thing I wrote in creative writing. It was about Braille VS audio. Oh, and sorry for the post last night, :-) I’ll probably delete it at some point. anyways, back on today’s topic, well the topic I’ve thought about for a few minutes now. The advantages of braille or audio.
In short, I wrote that braille is more commonly known and a lot better for memorizing and reading things, but audio is cheaper and easier to make. So, what do you all think? Which is better: Braille or audio?

copyright, copyleft and the stuff in between

Hello, everyone. Because this has been in my interests for a while, I decided to write about it. Many people have heard of the phrase: “piracy is theft” or “all torrents are bad” or “torrents give you viruses”
Well, I’ll prove those 3 statements wrong and a lot more in this post.
1. Piracy, in the Internet since of the meaning, is copying. It is the copying of files by spreading them to other people via torrents, file transfer and other means. This really renders copyright in this digital age useless. And, if people want money, they should:
1. Produce good content that people will actually want. People are more willing to support someone if they give really good stuff, like music that actually means something to them, books that are good, and so on.
2. Put a donate button on your sight, and if you’ve produced content that people really like, then some, if not most, people will give you some money for your work.
3. Put your products at a reasonable price. Most people will buy things if they can afford them. If there were no rehab agencies and schools for the blind that supply it, Jaws for Windows would really not have a big fan base at all, because not many people, without much help, could afford Jaws. that’s probably why Jaws for Windows is one of the most pirated screen readers out there. Now people, please understand before you comment, that this isn’t all about jaws. No, it isn’t. Its about music, movies, books, DRM, facebook, youtube and everything else having to do with content and the Internet. So please, no nonsense comments about jaws being to expensive or anything, we all know about that. Like I said, this isn’t just about us blindies, its about everyone. Anyways, on to the second statements, torrents are “bad”. Sure, some of them are pirated stuff, and perhaps most of them are. But, there are actually quite a few torrents that are good. Adriane Noppix, a version of Linux for the blind, can be downloaded through a torrent. OC-remix, a sight hosting free remixes of video game music, has their albums in torrents. These are just a few sources of legitiment torrents.
3. torrents give you viruses. This is most likely heard from basic computer users that have no sense of how to know good, safe torrents from bad, malicious torrents that just put lovely Trojan horses and viruses on your system. If you use common sense, and check the files inside the torrent, you should be OK. and, if you’re really worried about that kind of stuff, for goodness’ sake, use an anti-virus program, like Microsoft Security essentuals.
Another thing, DRM. DRM, or Digital rights management, is a system of restricting your usage of something. For example, on the iPod, iPhone or iPad, the books downloaded from the iBooks store have been incripted with DRM. Each type of DRM is different, so there isn’t just one tool that does everything. I can’t, at this time, find a program that breaks the DRM from iBooks. Why would I want to? Because I might want to put the book into a TXT file and convert it to MP3 using a voice on my computer to read it so I can have the book to listen to on my braille note or an MP3 player. After all, I’ve actually bought the book, shouldn’t I be able to do whatever I want to with it? This is another really good reason why people pirate things, they already have the content, but they want to actually own it, not just be able to use it on one single device. Now, on to what we can do if we want to just escape all this copyright and copyleft conflict. well, we can’t exactly escape it all, but we can go a long way from the battlefield. The answers? Linux. Creative commons. Open-source software. You don’t know what all that means? Look it up. Why haven’t I gone to Linux and all that? Because my computer won’t let me install other operating systems. What if I want to listen to Justin Beiber? Pester him into putting his works into the creative commons license. If he doesn’t? There are bound to be plenty of artists that are better than him that use creative commons. What if I can’t find any? Create you’re own works and put them on torrent sights and filesharing sites all over the Internet and give them a way to pay for it, and do not, I repeat do not! Sign up with any companies like R-I-A-A or any of them. Do all the stuff yourself, you’ll probably get more money that way anyways. But I don’t have a recording studio! You don’t need one at all! A regular microphone will do. Don’t have an audio edditor either? Well, use audacity. If it doesn’t have a feature you need, then freaking ask for it, or learn programming and put it in yourself. If we are to relieve ourselves of oppression in the digital age, we will have to create free alternatives for all of our proprietary needs and wants.
Oppression? What do you mean? Well, DRM is just one of them. Many governments now are starting to really sensor the Internet with their Anti-piracy programs. For example, the United States is trying to get a bill passed that will allow them and companies like the M-P-A-A and R-I-A-A take down any site that they claim is hosting or linking to any copyrighted material. That means that sites like youtube and facebook could be taken offline. Yes, even youtube and facebook. How? Video game walkthroughs and copyrighted photos passed around on facebook and youtube. That’s exactly what I mean by oppression. That’s exactly why we must fight it. Because it won’t just be users’ accounts being taken down, it’ll be the whole site. Google will be forced to not allow the site in any search results, pay-pal will be forced to not allow any payments to go through to the sites’ managers and Internet service providers will be forced to block the sites. Yes folks, that’s just how bad it is.
Oh yeah, and another way to make money. Get a job doing things other than programming or anything. Perhaps programming could be a source of income, and perhaps copyright could work if people, namely the M-P-A-A and R-I-A-A wouldn’t abuse it so much with DRM and only allow the work to stay in copyright for around 5-20 years or so, but knowing those greedy group of people, they’d never submit to that, all they care about is getting more and more money. Why do you think they charge millions of dollars for just a few 40-50 dollar work when it is pirated? Because they’re simply greedy. So, I hope this post has opened the eyes of some people and helped others understand what kind of digital age we live in now.

latest happeneings

Well, everyone, school has been going okay, not too bad. My assistive technology teacher says that she and other staff members are going to try to get iPads or iPods in every dorm setting. That way, people can use the color ID and money reader app and things like that. We won’t be getting wireless internet. Well, that’s about all I have to report.

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